Compassionate Legal Guidance in Child Custody Decision-Making

Every parent's greatest concern when negotiating a child custody and visitation agreement is that their relationship with their child not be damaged.

As a family lawyer guiding parents and family members through the process of reaching a child custody agreement, my goal is to safeguard your rights as a parent while being sensitive to the needs of your child for stability and support.

Whether you are talking about custody and visitation because you are in the process of a divorce or you are not married to the other parent and are establishing paternity, I can help you think through the many decisions that relate to child custody, parenting time, and child support.

I'm attorney Susan Kirwan. As a Baltimore child custody lawyer with nearly 10 years of legal experience, I can help you think through the factors that are most important for you.

  • What will your custody and visitation agreement look like? How will you share time?
  • How will you and your former spouse make decisions affecting your child's life?
  • Who will pay for college or summer programs?
  • Who will carry the health insurance? Pay for dental coverage?
  • Can you protect your child's right to inherit if the other parent remarries?
  • Can you safeguard your child if the other parent has a problem with alcohol, drugs, or a mental illness?

How you arrive at your child custody agreement can be as important to your ability to work with your former spouse in the future as the agreement is itself. I give my clients the option of negotiation, mediation, or litigation in Maryland family law court.

Child Support

I assist parents who are seeking financial support for their children with Maryland child support orders. If you need an initial child support order or you need enforcement of an existing order, contact my Baltimore law office.

Have you lost your driver's license because you got behind in paying child support? Did you lose a job or income and now you need your child support reduced?

If you are having a problem with your child support, it is essential that you don't just stop paying. I can help you ask the court for a modification of your child support order.

Children in Need

I help grandparents and other relatives gain custody of or guardianship over minor children when their mother or father is unfit to parent due to illness, drug use, incarceration, or for other reasons. During stressful times, I can help you take your case to court to provide the child you love with a stable home and future.

Contact my law office in Baltimore for a free half-hour consultation. I look forward to providing you with the dedicated legal representation you need.

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